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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why is Buying Made in Canada important?

For me, buying Canadian products is important and I will gladly pay more for the quality. I am always actively searching out made in Canada brands for the shop and I'm happy to say many of our toys, cloth diapers, baby items and more are made in Canada. While not everything can easily be found I think it is important to support Canadian companies who have managed to produce products here.

This Stacking Wooden Toy Boat is proudly handmade in Ontario, Canada

I know we have all heard the consumers drive the demand comment but it is more than true. When I sell out of our made in Canada products, I'm thrilled and order more. The same goes for when I sell out of other items made in China like FuzziBunz. Your buying power is just that- power and believe it or not your purchase makes a difference. 

 Made in BC, Canada

I also hear many people who support local business first which is fantastic as well- I appreciate that! Myself, I feel better about a product that has been made overseas but comes from a Canadian company. 
Made in Manitoba, Canada

Buying Canadian keeps our dollars in our economy. It supports ethical working conditions and fair wage labour.

Made in New Brunswick, Canada

I love finding new made in Canada products! They are out there but you have to look for sure. Most Canadian companies are not running off of huge advertising budgets but with a little time you will seek them out.

Made in Quebec, Canada

Quality and price are always a deciding factor for families and most people when purchasing a new item. Made in Canada can sometimes cost more, not always, but buying less and buying high quality items will make buying Canadian made more affordable. Hopefully you will be sending less items to the landfill too. 

Made in Victoria, BC, Canada

Plus, don't you feel a little patriotic about supporting your local Canadian businesses and supporting the companies that have managed to continue to produce their products in Canada.

Happy Almost Canada Day and Happy Father's Day!


  1. Buying Canadian is everyone's business... Consumers DO have the power.

    Manufacturers are at the mercy of the retailers but the retailers are at the mercy of the consumer!

    Every Canadian-made product we buy, is kinda like a vote to have more of that product around.

    Happy (almost) Canada Day!