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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Locally Made Muddy Buddy Rain Pants! PVC + Phthalates Free!

Locally Made Rain Pants!

Now In Stock in Blue and Red

Sizes 1 to 4

We had a difficult time finding safe rain gear, at a reasonable price so we had some rain pants locally made with french seams (so they will not let the water in!). 

Many of the commercially available rain suits for children are made from nasty PVC likely softened with Pthalates. 

What's wrong with PVC?
  • Generally, the smell is awful and should be your first clue it's not a meterial you want to wrap your child in.
  • Health and Environmental Risks are posed by PVC because it releases dioxins (the same chemical found in trace amounts in disposable diapers!), mercury and phthalates into the environment.
  • Young children, generally explore the world by mouth, and of course typically chew on many toys (and non toys) so it's particularly  harmful

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Awesome Wishbone Flip has Arrived!

The Wishbone Flip just arrived at Abby Sprouts!

We all know kid's are always growing out of their clothes, toys, diapers etc so we love that Wishbone designs children's items with longevity in mind. They make our fave 3 in 1 bike that goes from trike to balance bike, and now they've come out with the awesome wishbone flip! Toys designed with multipurpose for different ages and stages are also more environmentally friendly as you're only buying 1 product to last through years of play.

It's perfect for the coming fall as we spend more time indoors too. 

First Rock..
Then Roll!

It’s a rocker.  It’s a ride-on.  It’s your child’s best friend.
With its innovative flipping mechanism, Wishbone Flip transforms from rocker to ride-on in seconds.
Eye-catching and super-functional.
Wishbone Flip is a timeless toy your whole family will love. 
Made from 100% reforested birch plywood.  Meets current European, US and international toy safety standards. Recommended for ages 1 to 5.
Rocker seat height - 8.6 inches
Riding seat height - 10.2 inches
Double bolt holes allow Flip to grow with your child.
Unboxed weight - 8.8 lbs
Boxed weight - 10 lbs

Abby Sprouts in Victoria, BC, Canada is located at 3011 Gosworth Rd. and we've just built the demo if you'd love to let your little one try it out!