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Friday, April 29, 2011

Cute Newborn Cloth Diapers on the Cheap

Cloth Diapering a Newborn is really the best way to go because cloth diapering parents report far less blowouts than disposable diapering parents- who wants to clean liquid poop up at 4am? Of course, cloth diapers are better for the environment, baby's health and your wallet. 

Buying newborn cloth diapers at $20 or $25 each can add up quickly. 24 diapers * $20 = $480. Seems expensive but in the long run you'd still be coming out ahead of disposables when cloth diapering with a 2 size system for over 2 years for cost + health + the environment.

However, there's a way to do newborn cloth diapering less expensively and just as effective. 

Bummis recently came out with the ever popular Newborn pack- it's popular for a reason!
The Bummis Newborn Pack includes: 2 Super Brite Covers with leg gussets + 12 Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers (A Newborn Pack costs $43.95 and 2 packs will be all you need to get into one size diapers).

Another option- Rent your newborn diapers!

Right now, I'm working on putting together a Newborn Rental Kit- which I'm loving because it's like building my own ideal newborn stash without the labour or c-section!

The basics: 

I want to have 24 diapers or more to allow for less laundry 

A few different styles so families can get an idea of what works best for them
So far, my ideal newborn stash aka the rental will be:

A couple All in one cloth diapers for the diaper bag/grandma/sleepless nights

2 AMP All in one diapers for ease of use and good fit 
(I describe these as a cloth version of a disposable)

1 Tots Bots Tini Fit  (5-12 lbs)

Now some fitteds:

1 Bamboozle (Size 1 6-18 lbs) Fitted Diaper 

Diaper Covers for the fitted cloth diapers:

1 Super Brite Size Small Diaper Cover

1 Super Whisper Wrap Diaper Cover Size Small

1 Super Snap (basically a 'Super Whisper Wrap' with snaps)

A Bummis Newborn pack:

12- Organic Cotton Prefolds (fit 4-9 lbs)

Pocket Diapers:
3- AMP Small Duo Cloth Diapers

1- AMP All in 2 Cloth Diaper Cover

3- Bamboo Inserts (For use with AMP Duo diapers or All in 2)
4- Two Layer Hemp Inserts (For use with AMP Duo diapers or All in 2)

One-Size Diapers:

1- AMP One-Size Duo Cloth Diaper

1- Tots Bots Easy Fit All in one(8-35 lbs)


FuzziBunz Hanging Diaper Pail (for storing soiled diapers)
Bummis Medium Wet Bag (for storing soiled diapers out and about)

The cost will be about $19/week with a deposit refunded upon return of diapers.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011 Victoria, BC- Success!

The Great Cloth Diaper Change was a success with a final count of 32 cloth diapered babies being changed at once at exactly 9:30am local time and simultaneously with over 400 other worldwide locations!

First Cloth diapering dad done!

Thank to the Times Colonist for the photo!

I was so happy to be able to host this event despite an unexpected venue change on the morning of and see tons of great families come out to show their support + make history.

I'll give you an update once all our 'official documents' are in! So much fantastic press for modern cloth diapers worldwide.

First of all- Thank you to all the families that were up and out of the house on a Saturday morning for 9am (even though I tricked you a little with 'The big  Change' not happening until 9:30!) to show your support for modern cloth diapers and your ongoing commitment to the environment!

A Huge Thank You to fabulous local businesses for their donations:

Lunchalicious Food Services for serving everyone kid friendly, yummy food! (Thank you Carrol and Leanna!!)

Par T Perfect for the much loved preschool size bouncy castle + staff! (Thank You Kristina and your staff member Bernice was fantastic!)

Silk Road for Tea

Caffe Fantastico for Coffee
(Thank to Tabitha from Savvy Squirrel for coordinating!!)

Savvy Squirrel Coupon Book- The New Spring 2011 Book is out now!

Thank You to our two Witnesses for your time:

Philippe Lucas, City Councilor

Jared Giesbrecht, Green Party of Canada

Cherry Bomb Toys for fantastic prizes- 5 Passes to the upcoming toy Show! (Thank You Candace for the passes and participating!)

Chantal at EthicalDeal ($50 credit) 

A special thanks to an amazing local mom, Rachel for stepping in to help me with last minute details + Organizing an eco friendly egg hunt even the little ones could enjoy. She is also advocating for a cloth diaper subsidy in the CRD.

Before the event, Shirley from Real Parenting and the Vancouver Island Baby Fair for having modern cloth diapers and our event The Great Cloth Diaper Change on CFAX Real Parenting last weekend! As well as spreading the word and her always fantastic advice.

The Times Colonist for covering the day's events.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Guest Post: Getting a Cloth Diaper Subsidy going in Victoria, BC

Hello Everyone!  

My name is Rachel Aube and I am a local Victoria mom who, like yourself, wants to see a cloth diaper subsidy in place for the CRD. I am hoping to gain the support of local businesses, cloth diaper advocates and families who would benefit from the economic and eco-friendly choice of cloth, and at the same time spread the word about how cloth is better for babies. 

Abby Sprouts was one of the first businesses I thought to reach out to, as I know how active Steph is in the Victoria cloth diaper community. We also have the support of the Real Diaper Association and the Real Diaper Industry Association, two very important and established cloth diaper organizations. This lends us a bit of weight when we go to the CRD with our proposal, and we have the entire cloth diaper industry behind us, as well as our local advocates and businesses. It is also one of my goals to ‘roadmap’ our process so others can use our example in their regions to advocate for their own local incentives.

We have some very important events happening this weekend, and the opportunity to get the word out about our desire for a subsidy. Thanks to collaboration with City Councilor Philippe Lucas, Victoria City Council has declared April 23rd as Cloth Diaper Day in Victoria, BC. This also coincides with The Great Cloth Diaper Change (Join the facebook event for updates please) Steph is hosting at the Oaklands Community Center. I have already written a press release, and we can use these events, as well as a newly created Facebook page ‘Cloth Diaper Subsidy in Victoria BC’, to get local support for our cause.

Here is the basic plan

1) Encourage participation in the Great Cloth Diaper Change locally in Victoria BC.
2) Press release for ‘Cloth Diaper Day’ in Victoria BC advocating for a subsidy
3) Start a petition campaign to advocate for a cloth diaper subsidy in the CRD and promote our Facebook Page ‘Cloth Diaper Subsidy in Victoria BC’.
4) Have a town hall meeting early this summer to collectivize our efforts and lobby the CRD
5) Contact CRD Environment Committee, Heartland Landfill, Solid Waste Reduction Committee and present our plan for a cloth diaper subsidy.

There are a variety of subsidies out there, and I have done extensive research on where and which types of subsidies are available. This is important to cite examples of how subsidies are being utilized when we develop our plan. Ideally, the subsidy would be a cash rebate like in most other regions, where you would have to submit the receipts to the CRD for reimbursement. Perhaps the most important part of our plan includes the stipulation that the subsidy is only available if the diapers are purchased in the CRD, thus supporting our local businesses. This is also a great way to ensure that we
reduce our carbon footprint and protect baby from potentially unsafe diapers by ordering from overseas or from unknown on-line sources.

Although a significant amount of research and preparation has been completed, we need everyone’s support to make this happen. Please be sure to spread the word about our campaign, ‘like’ our Facebook page, and please forward any suggestions or feedback on how we can successfully advocate for a subsidy in the CRD. You can contact me through the Facebook page, or via email at

Rachel Aube is a WAHM blessed with two boys, aged 3 and 4, and a wonderful husband and father, Sands Falk. Rachel is a University of Victoria graduate, a part-time administrator for the RDIA, and also supports local non-profits Environmental Health Association of BC and The BC School of Art Therapy.
A Note from Steph: We're committed to helping Rachel in whatever way we can and backing her 100% on her endeavor to have a Cloth Diaper Subsidy put into action here in Victoria, BC. Shortly after posting a story on our facebook page, regarding a similar subsidy in a Montreal Borough Rachel contacted me with the details about the Victoria, BC subsidy she has already laid most the ground work for- although I don't know if she saw that!

Remember The Great Cloth Diaper Change 2011 in Victoria, BC is THIS Saturday! 

Please RSVP and get your registrations forms in soon.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Gratitude & Celebration & Winners!

It's with the most gratitude for everyone I know- family, fabulous customers, good friends, distant friends, suppliers, fellow business owners, fellow mamas, bloggers, and other work at home moms- that I have the pleasure of announcing Abby Sprouts and I -(I'm pretty sure we're the same but you know) won the Pixel Sweatshop Small Business Website Makeover Contest in Victoria! They even stuck a  blue banner across my photo- haha! 

In all seriousness, I am overwhelmed by the community that has formed around Abby Sprouts and so thankful for the amazing support you've shown me not just by voting in this contest but by telling your friends about my little business, continuing to come back, sending wish lists to families for birthday shopping from Abby Sprouts and just being great to have around!

You guys are the best!

Alright, you're probably thinking shut up and tell us who own already- right?!

For the Grand Prize $100 Gift Certificate
Comment #10 Said
Anonymous said...
I voted for you, Steph! Good luck! :) blawson3 (at) telus (dot) net 
Winner of the Second Prize $50 Gift Certificate!! Comment #70 Said
Anonymous said...
Voted for you!! Gooood luck!! Love your business :)

Winner of the third prize $25 Gift Certificate!! Comment #18

Anonymous said...
just for kicks I looked at the other businesses and even if I didn't know you I would have still voted for you! I love what you do for our little munchkins! Good Luck! I hope you win :) Melissa
I'll email you all just in case you don't see this post!
Thank you so much to everyone who entered and voted!! I can't say it enough!
So exciting- I get to chat with Nico from Pixel Sweatshop on Wednesday!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If I Win, You Win.

Hey Everyone!

I feel like I've spent the past two weeks or so harassing everyone I know to vote for my business- in a local contest to win a whole new website- probably because I have.   I appreciate every one of you who has already taken a few minutes out of your hectic lives, to help me improve my businesses.   

Image property of Pixel Sweatshop
Pixel Sweatshop, a local web design company in Victoria, BC is generously offering one local business a chance to win-- and I really want to win!  It is only open to local, Victoria-based businesses, so our odds are incredible!

There are only 48 hours left! We are still in the lead by a few votes, but now we need to solidify our standing, and show you all some appreciation for getting us here....

Pixel Sweatshop has allowed me to sweeten the deal for you-
If I win, THREE of You will Win a Gift Certificate to spend on any of our Earth Friendly, Family Friendly Products!

Help Make this Giveaway Happen!

Take about 3 minutes and visit the Pixel Sweatshop Website Makeover Page. You will need to register with your email address, and then vote for Abby Sprouts!

To vote, you need to first register, and then click on the '+' beside the total number of votes.

Then, leave a comment (with some contact info) here, to be entered in the 'If I Win, You Win' Giveaway.

1- You do not need to vote for us in the Website Makeover Contest to enter this giveaway, BUT, I will only be giving the gift certificates away when Abby Sprouts wins the contest.

2- Please Vote only ONCE per IP address. Multiple votes will be deleted, and could cause me to be disqualified.

3- The Pixel Sweatshop Website Makeover Contest Voting Closes April 15, at 11:59pm (PST), so please vote right away!
4- The 'If I win, You win' Giveaway Contest closes April 16 2011, at 12:01am.
5- Winners will be announced by 05.20.2011, and by entering the contest, consent to their name being shared on Abby Sprouts' blog and Facebook Page.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our First Guest Post: Confident Parenting

Our first guest post!

Confident Parenting

I am a mom to 3 children whom I adore. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for them. When they cry and hurt, I want to pick them up and wipe their tears away. When they tell a joke and laugh like crazy, I want to giggle with them. I want to be there for my kids in whatever way they want me to be. But the confidence that I may have now didn’t always exist. After I had my first son many years ago I thought I didn’t want any more children. After I met my boyfriend (now husband), my attitude started to change. We got engaged a couple years after we had been dating and I was pregnant shortly after that. It was such an exciting time for us and we were both looking forward to what the future had in store for us. I think along the way, my older son was excited, but he was also very scared. For so long he was the only child, and all of my attention had been on him. Suddenly now he realized that there would be someone else that he had to share me with.

Before and after Ryder was born, I was scared. After all, I hadn’t done this in awhile and was definitely out of practice. AND things had changed so much! Every day, I was filled was so much joy but also fear of doing something wrong. How would I know he was hungry, how many times did I change him, what if something happened to him, what if I couldn’t hear him crying, and the list went on and on. I read so many books, and they all said something different. One book would say that sleeping with your baby was a bonding thing and then another would suggest that it causes SIDS. Another book indicated that ONLY breast milk was the best for your baby, while said breast milk was ideal but recognized that many couldn’t breast feed and to do what you could. It was overwhelming to say the least. But over time, my husband and I found our groove. We started listening to what felt right for us and our son. We listened to all of the advice we received, and made our own informed decisions. And you know what, nothing really bad happened!

By the time our daughter arrived (one year later), we felt like old pros! We knew about sterilizing the water for bottles, when to introduce solid foods, when they were strong enough to hold their own heads up, and when you could let them sleep through the night without having to feed them. We relaxed A LOT! People would still give advice, (even strangers in the grocery store) but at least now we didn’t feel like we needed to take it. Parenting is such a journey, full of bumps and holes along the way. The best part is the fun you have as you cruise/crawl/or ride over those bumps. That makes it all worthwhile. I know that I am a better parent because of those bumps anyways. At the best of times our house is chaos! It’s always messy, sometimes dinner isn’t ready, our yard could look a little better, it’s never quiet and I long for time in the bathroom alone. But I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s chaos, but it’s my chaos.

Written by Jessica, living and parenting her 3 children with her husband on Vancouver Island.

A big thanks to Jessica for taking the time write this post and allowing us to take a peak into her life. I love the 'it's my chaos' part!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Savvy Squirrel Coupon Book Winner!!

Congratulations Jenn!

You've won the Savvy Squirrel Coupon Book.

Emailing you now.

Thank you everyone for entering!!