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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 Vancouver Island Baby Fair Tickets to Giveaway!

This weekend Abby Sprouts will be up in Nanaimo at the Vancouver Island Baby Fair Booth #28!!

On Saturday June 5th, I'll be giving a cloth diaper demo for everyone interested!

Here's the blurb from the Vancouver Island Baby Fair Website:
3:00pm - Modern cloth diapering: Benefits & myths plus simple guidelines to help you get started
Considering Cloth Diapers? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stephanie will show you modern cloth diaper options (no pins!), how to use cloth, how to wash your diapers (it's easy!), and let you try cloth diapers out yourself. Learn answers to common questions, why more parents are choosing cloth, what you need to get started, and some helpful tips and tricks. Come and get the answers you need to make the right diaper choice for your family.

Our last pair of tickets needs be given away before Friday so hurry up and Enter!!

For your First Entry tell me what you are doing to tread a little lighter on the planet. It can be using cloth diapers, composting, going solar... A wise women told me it's all about being on the path to sustainability. So let's hear where you are on the path!

Tickets at the door are Cash only FYI but we will be accepting Visa and MasterCard as well as Cash at our booth #28!

Additional Entries:
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Leave One Comment for your first mandatory entry and then one for Each Additional Entry!

See you at the Baby Fair this Weekend!

Good Luck!


  1. How we raise a green baby?

    I wrote an article for Granville online on the cost of going green, and it wasn't until I researched this topic that I realized we were already en route.

    First, yes we use cloth diapers and wash clothes instead of wipes. I breastfeed and make my own baby food. We live in a condo in downtown Vancouver so we walk almost everywhere we go. In fact, up until a month ago we didn't have a car.
    And since we live in a small space, we recycle and reuse toys, gear etc with a group of friends. We have a good circuit going so we are all constantly swapping goods which reduces the amount of "stuff" and space. The biggest "aha" I had was to spend more on less. So we are going with that.
    Hoping to win the tix, coming over to see the show and looking forward to it! I am a freelance writer and new mama always looking for inspiration.
    Have a great weekend at the show.
    Email: or @desdaniel (twitter)

  2. We're doing a few things:
    - avid recycling, and have done for years
    - cloth diapering two kids
    - and just generally trying to save money, which means less purchases and less waste.

    Things that are on the agenda for the immediate future:
    - starting to compost, finally. I'm hoping to see my weekly garbage output go down to almost nothing!
    - making my own laundry soap... hopefully it gets my diapers really clean!!

  3. We are recycling and cokth diapering

  4. i meant to write cloth diapering lol