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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lalabee Nipple Cream the Least Toxic on Skin Deep Cosmetic Database!

The top rated for least toxic nipple cream on the Cosmetic Database.

The simple reason I ordered this entire line of bath products in for mom, babe and child is the #1 rating for their nipple cream and the story of the owner battle with cancer. 

About Sara Johnson the Owner of Lalabee Bathworks

In her words..
My journey started in 2006 when I was pregnant with my daughter. Like all new moms I was concerned about toxins and finding the right organic and natural products for my new baby. I spent a lot of time looking for organic skincare while I was pregnant. It was a challenge to find anything that was truly organic (instead of the last ingredient) and affordable. Natural just wasn't enough, because it meant the ingredients could still have residual pesticide spray on them. I set out to make my own products and the result was amazing. The Bottom Balm really worked and after much convincing by my husband, I started Lalabee Bathworks in 2007.  Our company is constantly growing with our line in over eighty stores across Canada and new products added every year.
When I was nine months pregnant I was also diagnosed with melanoma. It is a truly sickening feeling to be given that news at any time, especially while pregnant. Having grown up with a nature loving Hippy Mom and living a healthy lifestyle, it really shocked me to be told I had cancer. Fortunately  the operation I had two weeks postpartum was successful and my daughter is cancer free. It is another reason why I put so much energy into providing organic and natural skincare, because I do believe we are what we eat and put on our skin. 

I'm so happy Sara is well and is devoting her time to keeping safe products available for kids, babies and moms too.

Friday, May 21, 2010

First Line drying Day for Us

I thought it was so great to finally get the diapers on the line for a little natural sun bleaching action and then it rain. One of those spur of the moment 5 minute pours on an otherwise gorgeous sunny day here  in Victoria, BC. Another load to go up today and I'm hoping that once I hang the diapers the sun will get over here and do it's thing. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Made in BC Organic and Natural Skin Care Now at Abby Sprouts!

Lalabee Bathworks is a Canadian company that manufactures organic skincare for Mommy and Baby. All products are made in Kelowna, BC from 100% certified organic and natural ingredients. They even source local ingredients when possible to lighten the foot print of transportation. 

I've already started using the baby butter on Abby this week. She has this rough, dry, red skin patches behind her knees and it's about half gone in the couple days I've been remembering to put it on! 

Another Fave is the Gentle Baby Wash
I almost didn't get this baby wash and the bubble bath because they were packaged in plastic. Now Sara has come out with a 500ml glass bottled refill for the baby wash so please buy the refill when you can to save on plastic!

Oh Yes, I said bubble bath, Organic Sweet Orange Bubble Bath!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Organic Cotton Sun Hats Made in Canada (No sweat Shops Here!)

So, the quick version of the story is my mom demanded Abby have a sun hat sooner than last week with all the gorgeous, warm, sunny weather we've been having. OK, I'll admit, she's super fare and really does need one sooner rather than later. Anyway, we both searched in Victoria and online for a simple organic cotton hat- nothing!

Alas the maker of our fabulous nursing pillows, slings, and other things says she'll make me some, exclusively! 

So long story short there is some gorgeous organic cotton lined hats coming to Abby Sprouts shortly. The inner lining is super soft organic cotton and the outer prints are conventional cotton. All made in Canada.

Available in size 0-6, 6-12 or 12-24 Months. 
Just $14.95