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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The First Post..

It's about quarter past eleven as I find the ambition to write this first post after a night of frustration when trying to produce a website to market Eco-friendly children's products. I feel the need to remind myself of my passion for the environment and my true drive behind launching this new business as it is really much more than a business- it's about the life style I lead and the environment I want to advocate to protect.

It's quiet now. I have time to appreciate my family for purchasing Abby with the exception of one or two items only eco-friendly toys and clothes that were not made of plastic or other toxic materials. I began my battle to greatly eliminate plastic from our lives a short time ago (maybe a couple months ago). My main drive behind it was not purely the toxicity of it, but more the greater effect it was having on our entire planet. After viewing the collection of photos publish by Chris Jordan taken on Midway Atoll. View the rest of the heartbreaking yet eye opening photos and further description here: