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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's our first Anniversary!! A Giveaway, Some Reflection, Making Plans & SALES!

Our first year of business!

 :: Hundreds of New Customers

:: New Friendships

:: Midnight Oil Burnt

:: 1000's of cloth diapers

:: Plenty of Fun Shopping
:: 2 Baby Fairs

:: 7 Community Events

:: Survived

:: 1 Holiday Location 

:: Many Boxes Shipped

:: Abby's another year older!

:: Wooden Toys Rediscovered

:: Local Artisans Supported

:: A little Media Coverage

::  Made in Canada Products Promoted

:: Love the support of our customers
:: Hard Work

:: Thankful

:: Baby Slings Tried On
:: Blocks Stacked

:: Unexpected Turns

Now Let's Celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!!

The Prize is THREE $25 Gift Certificates!

How to enter: Find your favourite product we sell at Abby Sprouts and leave review, so you can help other parents and customers decide if it's right for them. When reviewing a product please consider the build of your child (for cloth diapers) etc and any other details that you think would be helpful. 

Scroll to the bottom of the product listing page and if there is no other reviews click the link that says 'be the first to write a review'.

Once you've left your review come back here and leave a comment.
Thanks for Entering and All your support!

Time for the Sales! 

Coupon Code: CD5

10% Off All Baby Carriers 
Coupon Code: BC10
 Coupon Code: Toys15

Coupon Code: N20

Organic BellaBands on Sale too!

Coupon Code: SC15

 Giveaway and Sale End January 27, 2011!

I'm so thankful to have made it through the first year because this was merely a dream before Christmas of '09 when my brother bought me the domain name and then it was onwards and upwards. Now I'm loving the online business and most of all the new people and customers I have met and befriended over the last year.

There is still dreaming though- new dreams! A location was never in the stars before but we are quickly out growing our space for storage of all our fantastic products and I really love chatting with customers in person. I'm slowly warming up to the idea of opening up shop, brick and mortar style. I've been having fun perusing real estate listings for now and I have a few dream locations but I'm not sure the rent price tag will cooperate. Abby is getting older way too fast and she'll be begging to go to preschool before I know it I'm sure (seriously where is the pause button?).When the right spot comes up though, I think I'll be ready to jump in just like the online jump!
Don't forget to enjoy the sales and leave a comment after you review your fave product so you have a chance at winning!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

We survived Christmas and Boxing Week- Phew! So What's Next?

Our kiosk space at University Heights is now packed up and we're back to online based sales and free cloth diaper demos from home for now. It was so wonderful to meet so many local customers in person and to bring more awareness to eco-friendly products.

 My sister Jenn, worked many hours at the booth too so I'm sure many of you had a chance to meet her as well. 

The Green Toys Tug Boats were super popular along with our fantastic wooden stacking rainbows (which we're currently sold out of!). All be it a very small space it was a great chance to get my feet wet with a little brick and mortar reality before making any big decisions on that front. While I really love the online business, it's growing steadily and Abby will be in school before I know it I'm sure so I'm beginning to take a look around at possible locations for Abby Sprouts. I have a feeling it will be along road to find the right space at the right price and terms etc but it's fun to look and dream of course. 
Our Clementine Art Crayons were constantly admired by passer by's too.

So What's Next? For now, I'm considering all the extra's that come with a a 'real' location and how that will all play out. I'm also wondering about the importance of parking, accessible buildings, windows and corners, displays, signs and all the other fun stuff that comes with setting down roots for Abby Sprouts in Victoria. Of course, the online shop will continue and probably grow to include more variety as time goes by. I'm always open to new products, requests and special orders.  All what ifs and possibilities are fun and exhausting! 

Our Ever Popular and Awesome Priced ($17.95) Chef Set made from Recycled Milk Jugs!

So I believe a Thank you is in order to all our fabulous customers new, old and loyal because we've had a fantastic first year and are hopeful for many more to come. It's such a great feeling to be supported and encourage to continue with an ethical family style business and I of course could not have done it with out all of you fantastic customers and the huge help from my family up front and behind the scenes.

I hope you have all had a wonderful 2010 and let's go for even better 2011.