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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Momma Goose All Better Balm Gets a Real Test!

I have tried many products to clear up the rash behind my daughter's knees and I'm yet to have any luck finding a product that will completely clear it and be safe and gentle on her skin. I did try the Lalabee baby butter but it really is only a moisturizer so just helped with the dryness but not the rash itself. It seems to have gone from bad to worse lately and it just looks so sore.

 Here's the blurb about Momma Goose All Better Balm, handmade in Victoria, BC, Canada! 

All Better Balm - A wonderful cure-all. Great to treat cradle cap,
rashes, burns, minor scrapes, eczema, and even diaper rash. Coconut
oil has natural anti-fungal properties to combat rashes, while
calendula, comfrey and St John's wort provide excellent healing
properties. This cream is a perfect bum cream for cloth diapers!

The photo of her rash is from today and I put the all better balm on about an hour ago now.  I figure the best way to see if it works well is to do a real time test. I'll post new photos tomorrow or the next day.

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