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Thursday, February 18, 2010

See Our Scuba Search in Action!

Abby Sprouts began as a way to help parents find safer and more eco-friendly options at an affordable price. We test our products in our home and we are going to be featuring the ones we *love* here! Read on for our coupon code to save $$$!

Here's our Sprig Scuba Search Toy in action!

Scuba man as he's called in our house is  made by Sprig Toys from recycled food grade plastics and reclaimed wood. The 5 piece set comes with a boat (zodiac style), character, scuba tanks, scuba mask and flippers! My daughter loves dumping him into the water and throwing him out of the tub. I love that there is no BPA, phthalates, PVC or lead paint to worry about. I hate the typical bath toys that get filled with water inside and go mouldy. Yuck! Then, the kids inevitably end up sucking the water out or squirting it into the bath. Scuba man and his boat even have a great wood scent. 

My little one is still using her tub over the kitchen sink and this fits great. The Dolphin Explorer Boat is a bit too big for now. I just don't when I'll unload my dishwasher once I have to bath her in the bathroom!

Until February 28, 2010 us coupon code: Looney

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Scuba Search Play Set on our website.

Scuba Man is yours for just $8.95

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