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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let's Make BC Pesticide Free

The Canadian Cancer Society is advocating to support the ban of sale and use of cosmetic pesticide in BC due to the cancer causing chemicals. Carcinogens in these pesticides are even more threatening to children. The worse part is these chemicals are unnecessary!

Is a golf course lawn really worth infecting our children and our planet? I think not.

Feel powerless? Don't!

You can email your MLA and Environment Minister Barry Penner to support the ban of sale and use of cosmetic pesticides in BC.

Join the Canadian Cancer Society Facebook page

Sign the petition

Read more and find even more actions steps at Pesticide Free

Take a step further than eliminating toxins in your own backyard and help to minimize these carcinogens in our entire province!

This is a short less than 4 minute video (worth watching)!

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