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Saturday, August 13, 2011

What to Pack in your Hospital Bag?

We've had a few moms asking lately what would be good to pack for the hospital so we got some input from moms on our facebook page to make a list of the essentials and luxuries. 

In no particular order:

  •  Hair Ties
  • Food (for you, support people etc)
  • Toothbrush/Tooth Paste
  • Diapers
  • Receiving blankets (we like aden + anais or Dress Me Up Organic)
  • Nipple Cream
  • Your own pillow
  • Nursing Pillow
  • Lip Balm
  • Bottom Balm
  • Camera
  • Extra Batteries
  • Flip flop or slippers
  • Warm socks
  • Water bottle
  • Going home outfit for baby
  • Baby Clothes
  • Clothes for yourself
  • Nursing Bra
  • Going home outfit for you (comfy, loose fitting, not pre baby clothes)
  • Brush/Comb
  • Facewash/Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Baby Wash 
  • Nursing Pads
  • Menstrual pads
  • Underwear pads fit into
  • Something to wear in the shower
  • Change of clothes for partner/support person
  • Baby Hat(s)
  • Something to wear to labour in
  • Pajamas
  • Family/Friends Phone Numbers
  • Cell Phone & Chargers
  • Music/Ipod
You can leave the bigger items like a pillow and nursing pillow in the car until you need/want them and just have the rest in a bag to come in with you.


  1. Great timing... this is something I'm starting to think about... only 4 more weeks to procrastinate! (until I'm 37wks and things get really nutty)

  2. YES! :) hehe I don't know why, but it kind of makes me look forward to having another baby here--it almost sounds like packing up for a trip you know? :)

    My husband and I were laughing our heads off after I gave birth because we were being served hand and foot--and constantly being asked if I wanted to eat something or drink anything or needed anything. It felt like we were getting room service with the food, drinks, and warm blankets coming in and out at my beck and call!