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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Almost been open a month!

Seems like time is flying twice as fast this June between watching Abby grow up (Miss Independent) and having the store open for nearly the whole first month.

Everyone keeps asking how it is going- to which I'm just saying so far so good because I'm quite pleased with the amount of interest from the neighbourhood crowd and also so thankful for so many familiar faces popping in to check it out and shop (in more space than my spare room!).I'm also so thankful for everyone who has told their friends, baby group moms, grandparents, etc to come see me about overnight diapers, sun hats, or wet bags or baby shower gifts. 

This is where we are: 3011 Gosworth Rd at the corner of Cedar Hill

The owner of the building and the Gosworth Fish and Chip shop next door (great fries!) has been handing out cards to every mom and pregnant mom he sees- I can't believe some are actually coming in! So nice to have him be so supportive as well.

I'm spending quite a bit of time researching new products from toothbrushes to lunch kits to eco friendly shoes- not that there is a ton of space but I'm enjoying being able to bring in new products. A line of organic cotton nursing bras just arrived today actually!

It's also been tough to watch Tall Tales Books struggle to keep their business going and it's an unfortunate reality check for many small, locally owned business that it's not easy! It's been amazing to see the community support for them as well. I hope people and families will consciously make the choice to shop locally as there is so many fantastic locally owned business in Victoria, BC counting on community support to keep going.

So in about mid-May I put the deposit down for the store, the new Onyx Stainless steel kitchenware arrived in shortly after, then we had a wonderful first day open, the cloth diaper subsidy petition for the CRD is climbing over to over 200 signatures!

Getting ready for our '2nd annual' made in Canada sale for Canada Day! I'm so pleased with the amount of products that are made in Canada at Abby Sprouts- it's awesome but not so easy to find!

So... So far, So good! Thank you all so much for your support and continuing to shop at the store but also spread the word- it so amazing of you all!

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  1. deblbenbow@gmail.comThursday, August 04, 2011

    Wow! I just visited this charming little store.
    I was greeted so warmly by Steph.She is so very helpful and personable.Such a delight!This store has a huge assortment of local talent of many useful and environmentally safe items for your cherished little one.I will definitely return! Lets all support hand made in Canada!
    All the very best in your quest to keep our planet GREEN and our children SAFE from toxic chemicals.
    Deborah Benbow