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Monday, April 18, 2011

Gratitude & Celebration & Winners!

It's with the most gratitude for everyone I know- family, fabulous customers, good friends, distant friends, suppliers, fellow business owners, fellow mamas, bloggers, and other work at home moms- that I have the pleasure of announcing Abby Sprouts and I -(I'm pretty sure we're the same but you know) won the Pixel Sweatshop Small Business Website Makeover Contest in Victoria! They even stuck a  blue banner across my photo- haha! 

In all seriousness, I am overwhelmed by the community that has formed around Abby Sprouts and so thankful for the amazing support you've shown me not just by voting in this contest but by telling your friends about my little business, continuing to come back, sending wish lists to families for birthday shopping from Abby Sprouts and just being great to have around!

You guys are the best!

Alright, you're probably thinking shut up and tell us who own already- right?!

For the Grand Prize $100 Gift Certificate
Comment #10 Said
Anonymous said...
I voted for you, Steph! Good luck! :) blawson3 (at) telus (dot) net 
Winner of the Second Prize $50 Gift Certificate!! Comment #70 Said
Anonymous said...
Voted for you!! Gooood luck!! Love your business :)

Winner of the third prize $25 Gift Certificate!! Comment #18

Anonymous said...
just for kicks I looked at the other businesses and even if I didn't know you I would have still voted for you! I love what you do for our little munchkins! Good Luck! I hope you win :) Melissa
I'll email you all just in case you don't see this post!
Thank you so much to everyone who entered and voted!! I can't say it enough!
So exciting- I get to chat with Nico from Pixel Sweatshop on Wednesday!

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