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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Savvy Squirrel Coupon Book Giveaway & Local Love!

Your chance to win Family Focused- Local Savings in the form of The Awesome Savvy Squirrel Coupon Book!
The Savvy Squirrel Coupon Book is all about supporting local business!

So in the spirit of supporting local- let's check out some locally made goodies

You'll find a coupon inside from Momma Goose Baby Care, a locally made line up of skin care for expecting mom and baby too. Also, available at Abby Sprouts!

How about some locally made, wooden toddler keys for teething and play?!
We love these- so does Abby!

New! Locally Made, Organic Cloth Balls
These balls are filled with lamb's wool- perfect for baby and toddlers. Much more appealing than the (potentially toxic!) plastic ones too. 

Tabitha and Lale are the two fantastic moms behind Savvy Squirrel- you can check out their website and buy your own coupon book there too.

I love supporting small local companies just like myself and when you spend your dollars locally you are truly supporting us little guys for which I'm sure we're all thankful for- I know I am!

I've recently entered a contest from a local web design company to win a new website and logo etc which would be such an amazing opportunity for my little business (and something I likely will never be able to afford!). So I'm asking for your vote, please, if you have a minute- I would appreciate it so much! Please show your support and vote here. I would be so grateful!

i have a handful of coupon books left for sale if you're interested too.

 How to Enter:

Comment below and let us know your fave locally made product at Abby Sprouts!
Be sure to leave an email address or way to contact you if you win.

The Savvy Squirrel Coupon Book is Victoria, BC focused but there is a 20% off coupon to Abby Sprouts so we'll leave the contest open to all.
Good Luck!


  1. The Momma Goose Sun screen is my #1 favorite item!!

  2. I like the Organic Teething Bonbon. Something to suck, something to bite and organic- what more is there to like?

  3. I just found your page since coming back to Victoria - so I don't know many local products. But I am very interested in the Momma Goose Sun Screen mentionned by another person - my 4 year old is allergic to most sun screen! You put it on and she turns bright red!

    eliz_lind at yahoo dot ca

  4. The Dress me up cloth balls are fantastic! I was so happy when our little girl received one as a gift. They are so soft - and who can beat made locally! Same as the teething bon bon - it's coming in handy right now :)
    Jenn -

  5. Mother Goose Sunscreen! The active ingredient is zinc oxide, what is in (not-for-cloth-diapers)diaper cream - so safe and mild.


    tmbinette at gmail dot com

  6. I love the Momma Goose All Better Balm! Works so well and can be used with cloth diapers.

  7. I love the momma goose sunscreen =)
    bluestary56 at yahoo dot com