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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Can Funk Rock Save These?

So, we left for Ottawa on the 9th of March.. left a bunch of Abby's diapers in the washer that I wasn't bringing (I'd already resigned myself to having to do a load every day while we were away) and had planned to get my sister (who took care of all your orders while I was away) to toss them in the dryer. No big deal right? Well, I crammed the washer so full that my spin cycle didn't work- actually it's still not working! I told my mom about the diapers but not Jenn, the one with the key- not so smart. 

So fast forward to the 21st when we return after a long day traveling with Abby (she's almost 2) after 2 flights and we come home to no power and a washer full of some seriously stinky diapers- yep it was pretty gross. After I panicked and called hydro to see what was going on with the power and then starting wondering if I'd paid my bill- it turned out the main switch got tripped off. Flick and we had power- phew! 

Now the diapers, I tried washing on hot with extra Rockin Green and then no soap but something just didn't seem right. Then I finally figured out that I crammed it too full and it wasn't spinning. So tried taking half out and washing again but that still didn't work. Now, it was off to the bath tub with Funk Rock in hopes of getting rid of the smell. I used 4ish tablespoons.

Now I just need to get my washer to spin and see if it's worked! (Then repeat for the other half of my huge load)

Part 2:

It worked!

Wish I could say the same for my washer- had to go to make use of the grandparents! 

I used another 3 tbsp of Rockin Green Classic Rockin a 'heavy duty' hot cycle and everything came out smelling clean- with the exception of  couple all in ones I had to soak a second time. Even the AIO's are back in use now- smell free. 

 So glad it worked!


  1. URGH the diaper funk. We left a bumgenius in our gym bag for a few days... and it has never been the same since, despite numerous washings. I hope this works for you; then I will try it and hopefully it will work for us!

  2. Yuck- I always found BG inserts to be smellier than the rest too. I'd say it's definitely worth a try!