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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Many Cloth Diapers do I need?

This question: "How many cloth diapers do I need?" ends up in an email subject line of my inbox weekly if not daily so I thought it's about time I address it and of course like anything else it depends on your family and your baby. 

When you are starting with cloth diapering a newborn baby it's all about keeping the runny mess in it's place and containing it from leaking out. Most parents who switch from disposables can't believe how much better modern cloth diapers are at containing everything and not leaking. The most important part about containing leaks at this stage is a great fitting diaper- if there are gaps around the legs the diaper is inevitable going to leak- with a great fitting dipe like an AMP hemp fitted which has elastic around the legs and can be paired with a Bummis Super Brite Cover you'll be amazed at how you're not cleaning up disposable blow outs! 

OK- back to how many diapers you need! This depends on the type of diaper you've chosen to use. So let's start with saying at the newborn stage 24 diapers is ideal of course you can get away with less it just means more washing and more wear and tear on your diapers. If you're choosing a one-size diaper the larger your "stash" of cloth diapers the better because it will mean less wear and tear on diapers that need to last you roughly 3 years being washed 2-3 times a week. 
Let's talk about the AMP One-Size Duo for newborns.

This is one of my fave diapers to get families started with. It's simple, it's economically appealing, it's made in Canada, and all AMP Diapers come with a lifetime snap guarantee and quality you can just see. Oh and it's a "one-size fits most" or technically one-size fit 7-38 lbs depending on the build of your baby of course.

Above, is an AMP One-Size Duo being used as what we call an All in two (or AI2). The beauty of this is the insert (that's the 2 Layer Hemp insert) just laid right on top of the diaper and folded in three "hotdog" or long ways. Now this insert can simply be switched out for a clean one when wet and then the outside "shell" or cover can be reused (this just saved you $20). 

With newborns I recommend about 12 AMP One-Size Duo's and about 24 inserts of your choice (usually bamboo or 2 layer hemp). If your child is a bit older you may be able to get away with a ratio of 3 inserts for every 1 shell. 
Oh, but were not done yet, it's called a duo because it can do something else too- Cool right!

You can also, stuff the insert inside the pocket opening, thus creating a pocket diaper. The bonus to this is it's only one piece to put onto baby (great if you have a wiggler!) and the microfleece keeps baby feeling dry. Using the diapers this way as a pocket diaper with a newborn you will need about 24 AMP One-Size Duo Diapers and 24 AMP Inserts of either bamboo or 2 layers of hemp. You can always start with less inserts and if you find you prefer pocket style add more.

Are you still with me?

Now for AIO's (or all in ones) these diapers are just what they're called everything you need to diaper your baby in one. So the super easy comes with a bit of drawback they can take longer to dry but surprisingly the AMP All in ones are quick drying and mine are usually done in 1 dryer cycle on medium heat or they dry fully on the line in an afternoon. The drying time is fast because of the microfiber absorbent inner. 

If you choose to go exclusively with All in ones (AIO's) then you'll need about 24 small size, about 18 medium and large size when you get there.  Most families use a few AIO's for caregivers, dads, anyone who's a little reluctant to cloth diaper. Myself, I use these often- why make it harder than it has to be.

If you choose to use fitteds, you'll need 24 size small and about 18 size large. Fitted diapers also require a waterproof covers and 6 is about the minimum you'd want to pair with 24 fitteds (8-10 waterproof covers can make life a lot easier). I love AMP Diapers Fitted Cloth Diapers because Hemp is much more durable than cotton, and they work!

The Easy answer to How many Cloth Diapers you'll need is 24 for newborns, about 18 for older babies and toddlers and this will allow you to wash every second to third day. 

As Always if you have any questions please leave a comment here, give me a call or email.

Ready to order 12 or more diapers- leave us a comment with your fave cloth diapering choice from our shop and we'll happily send you a coupon code or alike!


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