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Thursday, November 17, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Made in Canada, Reusable Snack & Sandwich Bag Set

These fabulous Snack & Sandwich bags are reusable, washable, BPA free, phlalate free and FDA approved food safe.

Made in Canada!

We think they're an awesome stocking stuffer too- kids and adults will get plenty of use out of these!

The Snack is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers- holds about a 1 cup of snacks. 

The Snack and Sandwich bags can be wiped out with a damp cloth or tossed in the washing machine. (dryer on low or medium heat!)

1 Winner will receive a snack and sandwich reusable bag set of their choice. 

Enter to Win: Tell us what you would fill yours with and what print or prints you would choose to buy or receive if you win!


  1. My boys would love the skater print and I would fill them with grapes and sandwiches for school lunch.


  2. I love the Owl print, adorable!!

    I would love to use these for Ava when she starts to eat finger foods in the coming months. Snacks like dried fruit maybe or sliced carrots!

  3. I have been meaning to come in for the owl print for awhile! Ainsley started daycare a few weeks ago so I would fill it with fresh fruit slices and quesadilla fingers.

  4. I like the whales.
    Would work well for some veggie booty, I think!

  5. Everything here is about animals, so we love the bright animals and whales. We would use them for grapes, cheddar bunnies and cheese cubes.

  6. I'd choose the orange crush print and fill them with leftover pizza (crust side out) and toasted squash seeds.

  7. I would fill mine with yummy grapes, and also trail mix
    I like the black lagoon and whale prints
    tannis_z at excite dot com

  8. omg these are fabulous. I was just thinking about trying to find some lunch kit stuff for my son that's starting daycare. I was dreading buying more plastic to put in his lunch kit. Plus I think I might buy a few for myself and friends/family they're a great idea. When is the draw by the way? So I know if it's going to be before my son starts daycare or Christmas. My son likes the skater one and the black lagoon print. Though I think I might just come and and buy the stock contest or not. Hehe! Oh and I'd put all sorts of stuff in them I HATE all the plastic bags we use.

  9. These look so awesome. The snack bags I've seen have velcro closures, not zipper. I love the Black Lagoon and Strawberry Fun prints - great both for kids and adults! I'd use these for my hubby's lunches or kiddies' little toys.

  10. I like the Retro Bikes print. We would fill ours with crunchy goodies like carrots and nuts.

  11. My fav's are the owl and guitar prints. we would likely fill them with veggies, fruit and crackers! ps. Steph-love your store;-)