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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Top Ten Problem Solving Products

Abby Sprouts Top Ten ‘Problem Solving’ Products

We get a lot of questions from parents about different problems they are experiencing, asking whether or not we can help, or know of a solution.  We have compiled this list of some of our most common problems, and our response to them.  
As always, its a complete list of non-toxic, healthy, safe products for your family. 
10.  “My son holds his pencil in a fist!”
Have you ever tried to teach a 4 year old how to hold a pencil?  Remember how hard it is to get the grip just right, without smushing precious little fingers?  Clementine Art has the solution: Crayon Rocks.  These natural soy crayons are shaped like triangular stones, to help young artists develop the grip needed to learn to write.  They come in a pack of 9 bright, bold colours, and are great for unstructured, artistic play. 
9.  “My water bottle has a funky taste!”     
When you’re thirsty, there is nothing worse than taking a sip from your water bottle, and instead of a refreshing drink, getting a mouthful of tinny tasting water.  Or, taking the last sip, only to find out that a piece of last nights spaghetti was stuck at the bottom all along.  No more.  Life Factory’s Glass Water Bottles are the answer.  No more stainless steel taste, no more unpleasant surprises, and no more scrubbing with a bottle brush to clean it!  The huge, 650ml bottles are totally dishwasher safe- all parts- bottle, sleeve, and cap.  The silicone sleeve gives the tempered glass an incredible ability to resist breaking; we’ve dropped ours on everything from concrete, to tile floors, to gravel paths, and so far, not a single one has broken (And there are 6 in-use by our family/kids!).  They are safe for use with hot/warm liquids too, we use ours for morning coffee, and then rinse and fill with water the rest of the day.  They are designed with a wide, jar-style mouth, large enough to put in ice cubes, fruit slices, or anything else you like to flavour with. 
8.  “My kids cry whenever I have to rinse their hair in the tub!”
Mothers Everywhere Rejoice!  There is no more need to sacrifice your cups, jugs and bowls to the bathtub!  Green Toys’ Tug Boat makes rinsing hair a breeze, with its easy-pour, easy-aim spout.  It is great for tub play too, it really floats, and kids love pouring and filling it. 
7. “I lost her favourite toy again today on our walk!”

There is nothing worse than realizing, often too late, that the reason your baby is screaming, is because she dropped her favorite toy or stuffed animal.  Or, trying to reach to the floor of the backseat of the car to rescue it, at a red light.  And do you know what is on the floor where the teether just fell?  No More Worries.  We have, “The Perfect Solution” Toy Tether Strap, made in Canada from 100% Organic Cotton, so it is safe, even if your baby sucks on it.  The loops are large enough to loop around anything, even the stroller tray.  And, the Velcro is super strong, so baby can’t un-strap the toy/bottle/sippy cup.  It really is “The Perfect Solution.”
6.  “I’m sick of throwing diapers/wet clothes in plastic bags!”

No more plastic bags, no more stink, no more ugliness for used diapers.  The “Wet Happened” Large Wet Bag from Itzy Ritzy is a glamorous designer wet bag for anything from cloth diapers to wet swim suits.  They have a layer of non-toxic PUL to make them water-proof, and the easy zipper makes them simple, and strong.  

5.  “I spend $75 on disposable diapers every month!” 
“My son just grew out of his newborn cloth diapers, 
and now I have to buy more!”
Anne Marie Padorie has mastered the art of the One-Size Cloth Diaper.  The AMP One Size Duo fits babies from 7-35lbs: birth to potty training.  They are made in Winnipeg, and are durable enough to last through multiple children.   They are lightweight, and the pocket makes it easy to choose the insert that best suits your needs, hemp, bamboo or micro-fibre. 
4. “Uck! My cloth diapers stink of ammonia!”
"I think my laundry soap is irritating my family's skin!"

Rockin’ Green Soap is the solution!  It’s all natural scents, and extra gentle formula, are perfect for cleaning cloth diapers or any laundry for people with sensitive skin. This formula is just the right mix of gentle cleaners to get the job done with less rinsing.  Rockin Green makes special formulas for hard (bust through minerals) and soft water.  Comes in a variety of fun scents, or unscented.
3. “I have to use disposables whenever my baby has rash, 
because my zinc-based diaper cream wrecks my cloth diapers!”

Lalabee Bathworks has created an all natural, organic, Bottom Balm, that is safe for use with cloth diapers! A best-selling product, because it works! Especially made for sensitive skin with organic herbs of calendula, chamomile and lavender, all known for their healing properties. Use with every diaper change and on diaper rash. One of the top least toxic diaper creams on the Cosmetic Database. Also helps with sensitive skin rashes, dry skin or eczema.  It’s even packaged in a recyclable tin.  

2. “My little girl wants to be made up like a princess, 
but I’m terrified of the chemicals in beauty products!”

Piggy Paint is a mom-created product.  She was doing her daughter's nails one day, when a drop of nail polish ate right through a Styrofoam plate! Piggy Paint is All-Natural, Scent-free, and especially Non-toxic nail polish for little people, and parents!  It comes in some fabulous colours, and is great for birthday parties, gift bags, or sleepovers.  

1. “How can I soothe teething pain without resorting to drugs?”  
“My baby drools constantly!” 
"My toddlers cheeks are so swollen!”

Ok, we know it sounds a little strange….but….in our own experience, and in the experience of our friends, family, and customers, the solution is: Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces.  Baltic Amber is a fossilized resin, not a stone, that contains miniscule amounts of succinic acid; a natural analgesic, that helps to balance the body’s pH, and boosts immune system function.  When worn close to the skin, the heat of the body releases the natural oils, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream.  It reduces red inflamed cheeks and stimulates the thyroid glands to reduce drooling. Amber is associated with sunlight and warmth and reputed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, accelerates the healing of wounds, reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach infections and respiratory disease. There are no tablets, medications or pastes that can compete with this amber teething necklace, the necklace is unique and has amazing results which are all natural.
Amber teething necklaces are not meant to be chewed on.  Each bead is knotted individually, so that in the highly unlikely event of the string breaking, no beads are lost.  They are closed with a seven pound pressure screw clasp, so they will break if caught on something. 

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