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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Organic Cotton Sun Hats Made in Canada (No sweat Shops Here!)

So, the quick version of the story is my mom demanded Abby have a sun hat sooner than last week with all the gorgeous, warm, sunny weather we've been having. OK, I'll admit, she's super fare and really does need one sooner rather than later. Anyway, we both searched in Victoria and online for a simple organic cotton hat- nothing!

Alas the maker of our fabulous nursing pillows, slings, and other things says she'll make me some, exclusively! 

So long story short there is some gorgeous organic cotton lined hats coming to Abby Sprouts shortly. The inner lining is super soft organic cotton and the outer prints are conventional cotton. All made in Canada.

Available in size 0-6, 6-12 or 12-24 Months. 
Just $14.95

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