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Monday, March 29, 2010

AMP Cloth Diapers and Accessories are our Newest Editions to Abby Sprouts

AMP Cloth Diapers arrived a few weeks at Abby Sprouts!

I've had the pleasure of testing out these diapers on Abby myself and what can I say, I love them!

So let's start from the beginning of how these ended up at Abby Sprouts. Another mom recommended them to me and boasted that they were made in Canada. Well I was mostly sold on that. Then I went to place an order with AMP and to my surprise the owner herself was the one I corresponded with. Annie as in AMP (Annie Marie Padorie) was I pleasure to talk to and even packed my order herself. I was in a bit of a rush to these in before one of our cloth diaper parties and they arrived with time to spare!

Did I mention there is a lifetime snap guarantee? The factory is also in their retail store in Winnipeg where Annie can watch over the production herself. Needless to say I was in love with these diapers before they even arrived. 

When the diapers arrived I was actually thrilled. The quality was apparent at first glance. The bamboo inserts are incredibly soft and super trim. The colour coding for inserts makes it easy to differentiate and customize the absorbency your little one needs. Blue for 2 layer hemp, Green for Bamboo, Red for 3 layer hemp and then the microfiber. My favourite so far is the sized pocket diapers and one-size pockets. Lavender is my favourite colour choice so far but we also have a lime and a couple others. I think apricot might be the next one. 

The waist and thigh snaps can be adjusted separately for a custom fit and the soft stretchy elastic gathers are all around the back, thighs and even the front. Inserts do not come with the diapers so you can customize the absorbency and choose your fibers. If you prefer a quick stuff, microfiber is usually your best choice and if you prefer natural fibers with antibacterial properties against your babies skin hemp or bamboo are your best bet. 

So What's an All in 2 and a pocket diaper? How is it a Duo and Why does it work so well?

 The above photo is an AMP Duo being used as an All in 2. The benefits to using an All in 2 style diaper is that you can just change the absorbent insert and reuse the outer cover. You can tuck the insert of your choice under the front pocket opening as well. AMP also makes a AI2 (All in 2) that's not a duo and only $15.50. 

The above photo shows an AMP Duo being stuffed with an insert as a pocket diaper. The pocket opening is at the front but does not slip out or bunch up because of the soft, elastic gathers that hold everything place. The front opening keeps you away from any solids when "un-stuffing" the pocket for washing. The soft fleece keeps baby feeling dry when used as a pocket too. 

The AMP Hemp Fitted Diapers are one of the best quality fitted I have seen. The rainbow coloured surging is adorable too. Made from durable thirsty hemp. They also come with a contoured hemp insert. Super soft, eco-friendly fabric that is far more durable than cotton. A great choice if you plan to cloth diaper more than one baby.

AMP also makes wet bags and pail liners in a wide assortment of colours too.

Leave a comment with your email address, tell us your favourite colour, and we'll send you an exclusive coupon code!


  1. I love the Olive!

    janice dot gerbrandt at gmail dot com

  2. Thanks Janice!

    It's a great choice and in-stock.

    I'm emailing your coupon code now :)

  3. I like the hemp fitteds in rainbow. Do you offer a pickup option for locals?

  4. Hi Rebecca,

    Yes, the hemp fitteds are adorable! Did you see the other colours on our website too?

    Free local pick is available in Victoria and sometimes up island as well. Just send me an email to arrange it.

    steph at

    Thanks for your comment!